Students’ Nobel NightCap 2016

2015 is over, and 2016 is upon us with loads of new opportunities.
Right now we are looking for hungry, fun, and awesome people to help us lead the creation of the Students’ Nobel NightCap 2016 at THS. The application is open, go and apply to the project committee.
After the Nobel banquet in Stockholm City Hall, all the guests are invited to participate in the Students’ Nobel NightCap, a majestic evening where anything is possible. The NightCap is the final festivity where Nobel Laureates, and students, get the chance to enjoy themselves without the stress of the public or media. The event is one of the most unforgettable parties held in the world.
Would you like to be involved in the creation of this magical evening? Do you want to participate in the construction of the most luxurious and secretive of events? Apply with Curriculum Vitae, CV, and personal letter. Don’t let your background hinder you, we gladly accept applications from all universities in Stockholm.
Apply at: