Taco Tuesday med TMEIT – 6/12

Tisdagspub med tacos! Du vet att du vill…

Mat: Tacos!
Kvällens shot: antagligen Tequila

Övrigt sortiment:
Öl: fr 20:-
Cider: fr 20:-
Sprit: fr 8:-/cl
Läsk: 10:-
Dompa? – http://dompa.insektionen.se/
Massa whisky och gin finns också!

Facebook event

Tuesday pub with tacos! You know you want it…

Food: Tacos!
Shot of the evening: probably Tequila

Our assortment:
Beer: from 20:-
Cider: from 20:-
Liquor: from 8:-/cl
Soda: 10:-
Dompa? – http://dompa.insektionen.se/
There is also a lot of whisky and gin!

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