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The Chapter For Information- and Nanotechnology is part of the Student Union at the Royal Institute of Technology and is one of its largest chapters. Our goal is to work on behalf of the students to represent our interests towards the school, to improve the studying environment and to arrange social events that help make life worth living!

Our members are masters, candidate and bachelor students studying at the KTH Campus in Kista. All members receive benefits such as discounts and the opportunity to work as a chapter voulenteer! Have a look at the list of clubs and committees below – if you find one that peaks your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us to become a member!

Clubs and Committees

The following is a brief list of some of the most active clubs and committees within the chapter. Many of them have their own websites. Please feel free to contact them directly if their activities seem like something you’d like to be part of!

  • The Business Comittee is the committee working to establish relationship with companies in the ICT (Informations and Communications Technology) sector.
  • KAM (Kista Arbetsmarknadsdag) is an annual career fair that brings together students and relevant companies to discover job oppourtunities, network and socialize.
  • TMEIT and QMISK arrange social activities, mostly in the chapter room Kistan (see “The Pub” below). You are likely to spot them in their signature overalls!
  • ITK (“The Iterative Club”) arranges LAN parties and board gaming sessions in Kistan, as well as other events of a general “geeky” characteristics. These events are always alcohol-free.
  • Mottagningen is in charge of the yearly student reception taking place in late august. It is, by far, the largest recurring event in the chapter.
  • The Studying Environment Committee works to ensure a good studying environment for all students at KTH Kista. One of their recurring events is the Book Exchange Day, where you can trade your old course books in and hopefully buy someone else’s used books instead.

The Pub

The chapter room (Kistan) is located through the first door to your right in the entrance to Electrum if you arrive from Kistagången 16. Just walk down the corridor and you’ll find the entrance to Kistan to your left. During semesters (except holidays and examination periods) it is generally open every friday and thursday, offering a wide selection of beers and liquors as well as non-alcoholic options, coffee, snacks and food. Chapter members enjoy significantly discounted prices but everyone is welcome!

For information about upcoming social events, see the websites of TMEIT and QMISK, respectively.


Kindly observe the following general rules to maintain a safe and pleasant studying environment:

  • Do not let people in that do not have an access card, if you don’t know them.
  • Do not knock to make people let you in.
  • Posters are not allowed anywhere except on the message boards, and then with a printed publishing date.
  • Commercial posters have to be approved by a chapter representative (preferably the Business Committee).
  • Do not send to the chapter’s student mailing lists without permission.
  • Do not sleep in the building.

The following rules apply to the group rooms (the smaller, windowed rooms intended for studying in groups):

  • If you are the sole occupant of a room and a group of two or more people arrive, you must allow them to use the room. This rule applies even if you are simply waiting for the rest of your group to arrive.
  • You must not leave your personal possessions in the room while eating, attending class, shopping etc. Leaving the room means that someone else can (and will) take it over, and there have been cases of theft in the past.
  • A single person out of a larger group may keep the room for the group while they are away for lunch or such, assuming it is visibly obvious that the room is being used by several people.

The following rules apply to the bathrooms:

  • Toilet paper is to be placed in the WC, not in the trash bin.
  • Do not lock the toilet from the outside.
  • Keep the bathroom clean.
  • Do not stand on the toilet seat.

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